Welcome, to KatsCardCreations.com you have most probably arrived here from Facebook looking for my latest design.

But while your here, why not have a look at my other designs, you may find something that also takes your fancy.


Facebook is our main source of communication with our Supporters, Followers & Customers. 

It is a friendly group with many old and new followers with different abilities, super supportive of anyone and everyone.

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Winters Story.

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Christmas Gallery. Just a few photographs of Christmas models & Chirstmas card created by customers and myself.

DONATION DESIGNS. Looking for a bargain? Check out our new Donation Designs. They are limited designs that are either old which are no longer on the website. Small designs which I have made as an extra but have no plans to use in a model and designs requested by our Facebook members to help them out with something. Each design has a minimum donation stated, but most begin at £1.

Remember your donation supports the work I do and keeps the website running and covers ever increasing fees; which allows myself to not raise the prices of the models. Model prices have not increased since I began and I hope to keep it that way.