LICENCES and selling policy for cutting files from the KCC shop.

We are currently in the process of sorting the regulations for commercial licensing of the 3D cutting files. So please bare with us. In the meantime these are the terms and conditions of selling :

YOU ARE – allowed to sell to family and friends and with special permission from me directly for charity fairs and fund raising occasions. The files must be made up into their finished design.

YOU ARE NOT- allowed to sell to order or in mass via Esty Shops, Ebay, FaceBook Shops or any web based store front; Craft stalls for personal gain. Selling as Kits or of Photocopied/printed version.

Designs that have been re-designed with be titled with the new year (example LoveBug2018). Once a design has be re-designed the original version will removed from sale. Re-designs will not replaced original versions; any purchase of the original design before the titled year will not be replaced if lost and the new version will have to be purchased. Original design remains the property of KatsCardCreations, Copyright and Terms and Conditions still appy.

If you have any question regarding this please contact me personally.If you have any concerns that the above terms are not being met by any persons please contact me personally.

If you are interested in becoming a Creative Designer for the KCC please submit photographs of your work to me and not to the board. Thank you.