I am sad to annouce that from this moment (March 27th 2021) forward I will be stating that my designs are NOT compatible with Cricut.

What does this mean if you already have purchased some of my designs…

I will continue to offer support to anyone with problems that have purchased my design before this date Saturday March 27th 2021 .

I am just so tired of doubting my designs and ability when they work perfectly fine on other machines just because the Cricut company still continually claim there isn’t a problem and that they aren’t trying to force their customers to only use their designs.

So what do I recommend? Just keep reaching out to me if you have any problems; but please do not purchase any furthur designs… Put that money aside and invest in a decent company (Silhouette or Brother) that supports not only their customers but independent designers so everyone can feel the full enjoyment of what these great machines can do.

If you are a pervious customer (before March 27th 2021) and you choose to invest in a Silhoutte or Brother I will offer you classes on using the Silhouette Studio Software and I know a great Facebook group and amazing YouTube Channel that will helpout with the Brother Canvas Software.