Copyright & Terms of Usage


What you may NOT do

You may not copy/edit in any way.

You may not sell this design in any format.

You may not share this design in any format.

You may not duplicate parts of this design in order to make your own templates.

You may not mass produce these designs in any format in order to sell on Ebay, Websites, Facebook or Esty Shops without a commercial license.

You may not mass produce these designs in any format in order to sell in shops, markets or to friends and family without a commercial license.

Commercial License

You must purchase a Commercial License if you wish to produce the design to sell in ‘made up’ state with the intention to sell.

Commercial license purchase, does not permit the sale of design in digital or of any other format.

Commercial License purchase only permits sale of design in ‘Made up’ state.

What you May do with this design

You may use this design to make for personal use.

You must also give credit to my-self, the designer and copyright holder.

Reviewed Designs

Designs that have been re-designed with be titled with the new year (example LoveBug2018). Once a design has be re-designed the original version will removed from sale. Re-designs will not replaced original versions; any purchase of the original design before the titled year will not be replaced if lost and the new version will have to be purchased. 

Original design remains the property of KatsCardCreations, Copyright and Terms and Conditions still appy.

This design is copyright protected and copyrighted solely to myself – Kat Dunn Coffeestain 2022 Copyrighted .

I hope you will be happy with the designs you have purchased, if for any reason you have difficulty or a problem arises please contact me at, in a Facebook Personal Message or in the Kat’s Card Creations Members Group.