Construction Videos

Hi everyone, thought this would be handy for those of you that purchase my designs. Below find the design that have Construction videos posted. We are aiming to get all the older models up to date and construction videos made, but as you can guess it does take a lot of time, so please bare with me.

LoveBug 2018 –

Springtime Bicycle –

Weekend Away Teardrop Caravan –

Weekend Away Trailer –

Window Box Card –

Octagon Easel Card –

Flower Arrangment Card –

Garden Screen –

Summer Love Bug –

Daffodils –

Wicksworth House – (Still being updated)

The Candy Machine – (Still being updated)

Willowcrest ‘the Music Shop’ – (Still being updated)

The Carriage –

The Candle –

Romany Caravan – (Still being updated)

The Peacock –

The TreeHouse –

The Glass House –

The Birdcage –

English Village Church –

The Archway –

The Terrace Shop –

The French Boutique –

The Pink House (NOT YET COMPLETED) –

The Bell –

The Windmill –

The Fireplace –