Got Questions?

Got Questions?

Will the design work on my machine? All the designs are for cutting machines, which is why you are here. Silhouette, Brother, Circut, Silver Bullet and a many more. I was the first independent designer to create designs to work with FCM Format Brother Cut and Scan.

What am I purchasing? You will recieve access to 3 formats, SVG, FCM and STUDIO and yes, the SVG is compatible with the Circut Design Space. So if you change your machine, you never have to re-purchase the design again.

How will I recieve my purchase? All designs come in a ZIP Pack, which can be extracted with any small software package. You will be able to download your purchase right away after checkout from your account and also you will recieve an email with a download link, which just leads you back to your account.

You can either download to your computer or keep them safe within your account as they never expire, so no chance of misplacing them.

Is there an Angel License? In short, NO, there is no such thing. Once purchased you have automatically agreed to the Terms & Conditions of Usage and a copy of the License Agreement can be found in every Zip Pack, on our Facebook Page, Facebook Members Group and right here.

Note: all designs are copyrighted to KatsCardCreations Coffeestain.

Could I chat more about Terms and Conditions? If you would like a chat regarding the Terms & Conditions of Usage to break it down in brief rather than reading all the legal jargon, then feel free to contact us (for absolutley anything), in our Facebook group.  I shall add the contact info below.

Construction Videos & Instructions? Some of my designs are pretty old now and may have a Photo Pack for reference and instructions. But we are working on getting them all updated. So, always read the design description. More recent designs have Construction Videos which are listed here and over at the Facebook Members Group. Plus, we are always here to help.

What is a Premier Member? A Premier Member is a long term supporter of my work, they feel that my work deserves a constant flow of support whether I am able to produce new designs or not, as some of my designs can take months to produce. They appreciate my work rather than expect something in return; however they do get exclusive access to a Premier Member Area of the website that regular customers cannot see. The Exclusive Area offers free designs, textures and quotes that I would not necessarily put in the shop, just little things I like to do inbetween working on larger designs. They recieve a discount on all designs in the shop and offer Premier Exclusive designs that only these members can purchase.

Yes, anyone can support my work. Registration is always open. For more information, see Premier Members at the top of the page.

I was a member on your old website, what has happened to my purchased designs that I didn’t download? If you have been following me on Facebook you will know the problems I had with the old website. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of my control, we lost all of the previous data. However, if you know your email address that was used on the old website and what design it is you’re looking for – my paper trail should have a record of the purchase and I am happy to issue you with a special code, which allows you to re-download the design if it is still available to your account. Just get in touch and we can see if we can locate them for you.

Where can I contact you?I can be reached via email,, but please note I only check emails at 10am and 10pm. Ideally, reach me at our Facebook Member Group (link below). That way if I am not about, the other members are pretty good at helping out.